The Freestylers have always been on of my favourite acts in electronic music. I got to know their songs as a teenager and they always represented the london breakbeat sound for me with a healthy dose of UK dancehall. Their first album “We Rock Hard” was released in 1998 and included a number of great tracks like “B-Boy Stance” and “Ruffneck”, that were career-defining for the featured MCs Tenor Fly and Navigator.

Over the years the producer duo from London always stayed relevant. Some highlights of their carreer were 2001’s “Get Down Massive”, the seminal single “Tarantula / Fasten Your Seatbelt” featuring Pendulum and the rather underrated track “The Coming Storm” featuring Takura.

In 2015 they are back with “Rude Bwoy”, a track featuring the Jamaican dancehall duo RDX and it comes on Krafty Kut`s imprint Instant Vibes.

I am really honored that our humble vinyl distribution “Propellah” can distribute this vinyl 12-inch. Even more so since the remix on the B-side is by one of my other longtime musical heros Dj Aphrodite. It is actually the perfect match because both artists had a defining influence on the sound of their respective musical genres in the mid to late nineties. While the Freestylers were pushing the Big Beat / Breakbeat sound, Aphrodite`s basslines where dominating the Jump Up Drum n Bass of that time. Finally those two artists can be heard in a huge collaboration.

Have a listen to Freestylers banging 2015 mixtape:

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