The comedian Louis CK is one of the first content creators to utilize digital currencies in his online shop. For me personally this is actually a big deal, because he is my favourite comedian and I used to buy at his online shop prior to him adding bitcoin as a payment option. Now the bitcoin implementation makes purchasing his downloadable audio and video shows even easier.

The actor / comedian is known for trying out new and experimental distribution strategies for the content he produces. In December 2011 he decided to self-produce a one-hour comedy special and distribute it exclusively on his website .

The move was very successfull. The Rolling Stone reported that downloads exceeded the 1 million dollar mark. In an act of “cutting out the middle-man” he removed distribution companies from the interaction with his fanbase. That is why he might have taken a liking to bitcoin, because the digital currency might enable him to do the same with the payment processors. For the moment though, he chose to use the service of Bitpay to process his bitcoin payments.

There is room for improvement though. The website still requires users to provide an email-address before they can purchase his content. This somewhat diminishes the main benefits of bitcoin payments in purchases of digital content. These are increased protection of data privacy and a better user experience by eliminating the need to divulge any personal data. However it is a good start!

Edit March 2016: There is a new show called “Horace And Pete” available now, with new episodes weekly.