Music publishing

Since 2010 I am working for the vinyl distribution company Buyreggae, which is specialized on reggae music (as the name suggests). In late 2014 I noticed that more and more good Jungle / Drum n Bass tunes went unreleased on vinyl and so I thought it is about time to start releasing music from these genres as well, and in December 2014 he first record to come out was Benny Page – Champion Sound.

Propellah Distribution works closely together with Buyreggae and shipping and customer service will be done by my friends there. All product links therefore go to their website (which will be rereleased with a brand new design in December 2015).

Digital Currencies

The other field of interest for me personally are digital currencies and in particular how this new emerging phenomenon might impact the music industry. Potentially they could revolutionize it for three reasons:

  1. authentication-free purchases / downloads become possible
  2. payments can become transparent and can go directly from the music fan to the artists
  3. new crowd-funding models become possible

Therefore music purchases might become less of a hassle for the customer and more satisfying since they can see their money going directly to the musicians instead of to obsucre middle-men like records companies. For small labels and music distributions like Propellah this development might create a market niche in digital distribution, which is currently dominated by iTunes and a few others. The reason being, that once purchases become authentication-free, customers will care less where they buy music, since they don’t have to divulge any personal information (login, credit card etc) to the online-shop.

However, currently it is very uncertain if this future of music distribution will ever materialize. The biggest obstacle being the hen-and-egg problem. Very few people currently own and use digital currencies like bitcoin, dogecoin and others. Therefore it is a relative fruitless endeavour to build services for cryptocurrency-users. Without there being many services, there is little reason for users to get acquainted and start using digital currencies. We will see if this road-block can be overcome eventually.

In the meantime I plan on writing about people and projects in the music and cryptocurrency space here on my blog.